About Lisa

My Story

I’ve  struggled to get my business off the ground: looking for the answers through more and more webinars, resisting the very things I knew I needed to do to get clients, hiding behind all the “to dos” rather than taking actions that would build my business, doubting that I would ever be successful.

I learned that starting a business wasn’t just about learning how to coach or do EFT tapping or how to call on my project management and business analyst experience.

It was also about changing the stories I tell myself. It was about finding the confidence and the inner knowing that were buried under the stories. It was about letting go of the self-doubts and past trauma that had me spinning my wheels.

I bring all of this — my know-how for getting things done, my EFT tapping expertise, and my experience growing into the role of business owner – to my coaching to help my clients break through their own stumbling blocks and resistance so they find the joy and the success that they thought they would have already.

If you know  you’re meant to serve your people, if you dream of creating a business that matches the one in your head, if you want someone to collaborate with, I would truly love to be your coach, accountability partner, and cheerleader!




Action Oriented.