I recently changed the focus of my coaching and EFT tapping practice. The change didn’t make much sense on the face of it.

How can I go from supporting moms of teenagers to coaching business owners struggling with moving their business forward?

It comes down to being honest with myself.

I really loved the idea of working with moms going through difficult teen years. I know how overwhelmingly taxing and heartbreaking it was when my teenage son was struggling. I know I can help moms have a better experience than they otherwise would.

But I didn’t jump out of bed excited and ready. I tried to feel that way for two years! I listened to others who said this was a great niche, moms need this support. etc. While this is true, it didn’t light me up, and it was never going to be successful because of this. I felt stuck in this niche — after all, I had published two books about it!

And then I gave myself permission to switch. I listened to my soul and acknowledged that what gets me engaged and excited and energetic is getting stuff done!

  • I love that sense of satisfaction of a job well done.
  • I thrill when I know I have improved an experience, system, process, or communication.
  • My heart sings when I bring people together with the information and resources they need.
  • And I believe in the magic of EFT tapping to eliminate unhelpful beliefs and emotional triggering.

Combine these aspects of myself and voila! I have a business that excites me every day. I am absolutely thrilled to help my clients stop holding themselves back and start having their confidence soar and their business shoot forward!

Would you like to feel the same way in your business? I would love love love to help you get there.